Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

25 - 26 October 2018

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About the Event

RubyConf MY is a 2 days, single-tracked technical conference for the Ruby programming language. The event features 20+ speakers and 300 #rubyfriends from across the globe.


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    Ajey Gore

    Keynote Speaker
    Group CTO of Go-Jek

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    Konstantin Haase

    Keynote Speaker
    CEO of Travis CI

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    Ruby & Rails core team member. Aaron's the most @tenderlove-ing person you'll ever meet. He works at Github.

    Aaron Patterson

    Keynote Speaker

    Portfolio Item

    Avdi Grimm

    Head Chef at Ruby Tapas,
    Author of the books Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby.

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    A member of Ruby core team. He maintain RubyGems, Rake, rdoc, psych, ruby-build and other critical library of the Ruby language. and He is an administrator of and supports to develop the environment of the Ruby language.

    Hiroshi Shibata

    Member of Ruby Core Team, Maintainer of RubyGems, Administrator of

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    Michael Kelly is passionate about two things, Ruby APIs and building motorcycles. He’s been building with Rails in and around the startup world for more than eight years and has been focused on GraphQL as a technology for the last two. He tweets a little and is generally just a bad monkey.

    Michael Kelly

    Senior Software Engineer, StackShare

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    Brittany Martin

    Lead Web Developer at the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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    Core Team member of Celluloid Working of Blockchain technologies + Ruby

    Dilum BC


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    She's worn many hats including startup founder, community builder, software developer, and Managing Director of a national non-profit. Allison started programming at a Rail Girls workshop and is now a chapter organizer. Allison also recently started a podcast about being a parent in tech, Parent Driven Development.

    Allison McMillan


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    Noah Gibbs


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    Prasun is involved with different open-source projects aimed at super fast Scientific Computing on Ruby and D. He is the creator of ArrayFire and RbCUDA gems. He worked with SciRuby as a GSoC student in 2016, 2017 and a Ruby Grant recepient. Currently he is working with Genenetwork and Modak Analytics on building software for high performance genome analysis.

    Prasun Anand

    Ruby Science Foundation

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    Kinsey Ann Durham

    Engineer @digitalocean, co-founder @Kubmo, lead mentor @trybloc

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    I'm Hanami core developer and an indie developer from Moscow. I work on different open source projects and builds Space-Rocket ships at night.

    Anton Davydov

    Software Engineer at Hippo and Hanami Core Developer

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    Core Rubocop committer

    Ted Johansson

    VP Engineering, EngageRocket

    Portfolio Item
    Before joining Go-Jek, I was a Ruby developer with specialties in building enterprise-grade applications. I was involved in making curriculum for and teaching Ruby classes on pro bono basis for several community events in Jakarta. Now I am a system engineer at Go-Jek Indonesia and part of the council that manage Go Academy program at Go-Jek.

    Iqbal Farabi

    System Engineer at Go-Jek Indonesia

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    Ankita is a software engineer working on honestbee's logistics systems based out of the Singapore office. She has worked as a full-stack engineer and in the recent years has harboured an interest for distributed systems architecture.

    Ankita Gupta

    Engineering Lead at Honestbee

    Portfolio Item

    Sean Nguyen

    Software Engineer at Honestbee

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    Nadia Odunayo

    CTO at CodeNewbie

    Portfolio Item
    I'm the RDoc maintainer, Ruby core tools contributor.

    Itoyanagi Sakura

    Portfolio Item
    Enrique has been passionate about writing code since high school. His experience as software engineer ranges from backend and web applications to integrations and open source projects. He is a big fan of pair programming and believes that collaborative environments are the key to promote quality code and improve software design.

    Enrique Mogollan

    Software Engineer @ Salesforce

    Portfolio Item
    A Computer Engineer graduate who is a self taught Ruby on Rails developer. He uses Rails for IoT. He introduced Rails to university students and assisted them on getting started while he was working for professors. He wrote a pretty complete Web Development Tutorial, back in University, that allow everyone to get started on Rails and Web Development.

    Melvin Ch'ng

    Software Engineer at Insightz Club

    Portfolio Item
    I'm a software developer at shopify. At work I help deliver our machine learning solutions to empower our merchants, at home I cheer for A.S Roma to win the champions league.

    Guilherme Mansur

    Software Developer at Shopify

    Portfolio Item
    Born in Spain and with a full carreer in IT, he took the leap of founding The IO Foundation and believes that it will take no time that we, ourselves, become digital citizens; if we are not yet already. TIOF aims to work with pertinent regional and international agencies in crafting and implementing a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights which aims to be grounded from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Jean F. Queralt

    The IO Foundation - Founder & Manager

    Portfolio Item
    I believe Rails can scale.


    Fave, Engineering Lead

    Portfolio Item
    Tech Community Advocate, Agile Practitioner, Rubyist

    Gooi Liang Zheng

    Co-founder of Pconnex, Co-organizer of RubyMalaysia Meetup

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Thursday, 25th October 2018 Speaker Title
8:00AM - 9:00AM --- Registration & Conference Door Opens
9:00AM - 9:10AM --- Welcome Address
9.10AM - 9.50AM Aaron Patterson Keynote
9.50AM - 10.15AM Hiroshi Shibata Gems on Ruby
10.15AM - 10.45AM --- Coffee/Tea Break
10.45AM - 11.10AM Noah Gibbs TBA
11.10AM - 11.35AM Enrique Building Multitenant Applications with Ruby
11.35AM - 11.45AM Azuan Lightining Talk: Migrating from Elasticsearch 2 to 6
11.45AM - 12.10PM Nadia Odunayo TBA
12.10PM - 1.30PM --- Lunch
1.30PM - 1.55PM Michael Kelly GraphQL: When REST just isn't enough
1.55PM - 2.20PM Dilum BC Cryptocurrency & Ruby
2.20PM - 2.30PM Gooi Lightining Talk: Foster Tech Community
2.30PM - 2.55PM Prasun Anand High Performance GPU Computing with Ruby
2.55PM - 3.20PM --- ---
3.20PM - 3.45PM --- Coffee/Tea Break
3.45PM - 4.10PM Kinsey Ann Durham TBA
4.10PM - 4.50PM Avdi Keynote
4.50PM - 5.00PM --- Day 1 Closing Remarks/Announcements
7.30PM - 11:00PM --- After Party
Friday, 26th October 2018 Speaker Title
8.30AM - 9.00AM --- Registration & Conference Door Opens
9:00AM - 9:10AM --- Welcome Address
9.10AM - 9.50AM Konstanstin Haase Keynote
9.50AM - 10.15AM Ankita Gupta and Sean Nguyen Putting REST to rest with GraphQL
10.15AM - 10.45AM --- Coffee/Tea Break
10.45AM - 11.10AM Iqbal Farabi Kubernetes The Ruby Way
11.10AM - 11.35AM Brittany Martin TBA
11.35AM - 11.45AM Melvin Lightining Talk: Ruby on Rails for Everyone
11.45PM - 12.05PM Anton Davydov New Ruby Web Framework - Hanami
12.05PM - 12.30PM Guilherme Mansur Educated Guesses: How to deliver machine learning products at scale in ruby
12.30PM - 2.00PM --- Friday Prayer/Lunch
2.00PM - 2.25PM Ted Johansson Mind Your Model
2.25PM - 2.50PM Allison McMillan TBA
2.50PM - 3.00PM Jean Lightining Talk: Digital Rights and Universal Declaration of Digital Rights
3.00PM - 3.15PM --- Coffee/Tea Break
3.15PM - 3.45PM Silverstreet Workshop: Security Authentication with TWIZO
3.45PM - 4.10PM Itoyanagi Sakura Reline: pure Ruby Readline implementation for Ruby core
4.10PM - 4.50PM Ajey Gore Keynote
4.50PM - 5.00PM --- Lucky Draw & Closing
5.00PM --- Goodbye

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