Meet Our Speakers

Adam Pahlevi


Software Engineer,
Veritrans Indonesia

Speaker Bio

Adam Pahlevi takes pleasure in producing readable and high performing code. Currently he works as a Software Engineer in an Indonesian/Japanese payment gateway company: Veritrans.

He has been publishing gems, an AMD/UMD library, books and articles. He has also been featured as a speaker in workshops/conferences.

He speak both Ruby and JavaScript.

Axel Kee


iOS Developer,
SweetSpot Digital

Speaker Bio

Axel is currently working for SweetSpot Digital as an iOS developer, and he has registered a partnership company with his university friend named Sweatshop.

He has a mobile app running on Rails backend supporting 2k+ users as of current (

Other than coding, he likes to draw and volunteer in arts events.

Sau Sheong


MD of Digital Technology,
Singapore Power

Speaker Bio

Sau Sheong is the Director of Global Consumer Engineering for PayPal, managing teams that deliver consumer-focused products for PayPal. Previously, he was the Director of HP Labs Singapore, responsible for managing a team of research scientists and engineers focusing on researching and developing cloud computing and Big Data technologies for HP.

Before joining HP, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Garena and Director of Engineering for Yahoo! Southeast Asia. He has been doing software development more than 20 years, and have lead small and large engineering teams for startups and large technology companies for the past 17 years.

He is active in the Ruby and Go developer communities have have contributed to open source projects and spoken at meetups and conferences. He has also published 3 programming-related books, mostly on Ruby and have recently completed a 4th (pending publication) titled "Go Web Programming”.

Dhendy Ferdian


Senior Engineer,

Speaker Bio

Previously the CTO of, Dhendy currently serves as a senior engineer at Booster.

With over a decade of experience in web development under his belt, he is no stranger to the ever evolving tech world. With his passion and love for innovation, he has built multiple web apps with integrated technology across his career.

He also advises tech decisions to couple of startup entrepreneurs.

Lincoln Lee


Senior Infrastructure Engineer,
Pixels Advertising

Speaker Bio

Lincoln is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer in Pixels Advertising, an advertising network company. He specializes in Ruby on Rails and DevOps with Chef. He has been doing development and DevOps for more than 5 years.

He is handling over 50+ servers and dealing with 60,000 rpm traffic for ad selection everyday.

Lincoln contributes to open source projects. He is a maintainer of a Chef cookbook for Atlassian Bitbucket Server.

In his free time he likes to contribute to Rails Girls as a coach in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Other than coaching, he was also a Technology Consultant for a non-profit calls Stick Rice Love.

Lincoln Lee


CTO and Co-found,

Speaker Bio

Jason is CTO and Co-founder of

A long-time programmer but yet a fair learner of the dark Ruby arts, he built much of MomoCentral's software assets on Rails, and spends much of his days vanquishing marauding bugs and generally musing about making cross-internet client-developer engagements less painful and more fruitful.

Myat Min Han


CTO of WeAreRebbiz,
Co-founder of MMCarsDB

Speaker Bio

CTO of @WeAreRebbiz, Co-founder of @MMCarsDB, avid reader and single-malt enthusiast.

Nick Marden


Rapid River Software

Speaker Bio

Nick has been programming since 1982 and building websites since 1993. His first Linux kernel was 0.99pl13.

After two decades at almost a dozen startups, Nick hung out his own shingle as a software development consultant when he founded Rapid River Software in 2013.

Today Nick works full-time as a developer while also helping to herd cats in a company of 14 developers whose motto is "We Get Things Done".

Prathamesh Sonpatki


Director, BigBinary LLC

Speaker Bio

Prathamesh is Director at BigBinary. He builds web apps using Rails and React.js.

He is interested in open source and contribute to many Ruby and Rails related projects. He likes Emacs operating system a lot and can be found constantly tweaking his .emacs.d

Tristan Gomez


Chief Problem Solver,

Speaker Bio

Keyboard warrior and dancefloor ninja. Rumour is he's an undercover Jedi Master.

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